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Vale do Minho: an area under development
Consists of six counties - Melgaço, Monção, Paredes de Coura, Valencia, Vila Nova de Cerveira and Caminha, have taken on a geo-economic importance in the economic corridor between Oporto and Corunna.

It is located in a central location on an axis of strong dynamics, consisting of the coastal strip of northern Portugal and Galicia (the market with about 7 million people). Taking as reference a central point (Valencia), a radius of about 100km are the main cities of this axis .

Vale do Minho, is the only area of border strongly "humanized," where there are strong ties transactions. This is the most permeable Portuguese-Spanish border, go through each year of Valencia more than 6 million people.

Strengths of tourism in the Vale do Minho
. Natural Heritage: National Park Peneda Gerês; Rio Minho; Protected Area of the Horn of Bico, recovery of the Serra de Arga and other areas of Natura 2000, and in Monção Thermalism Melgaço; Rios (Coura, Mouro, Anchor), mountain and forest ; sun and sand; 
.  Built Heritage: historic centers, the Romanesque, the monasteries, the Caminhos de Santiago; 
.  Heritage and rural Alvarinho: Alvarinho wine, tourism in rural areas; of village tourism, gastronomy, handicrafts, rural development and Adriminho;

In fact, in general, and the Alto Minho Minho Valley in particular is very well positioned to assume a strategic role in the formation of a space inter-regional and cross Galicia - North of Portugal.

Enjoy beautiful scenery, delight yourself with the best that our mountains and our rivers have to offer.
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