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  • The Minho Valley, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Galicia, specifically with the province of Pontevedra, is a region rich in natural resources and historical and cultural heritage. Since the Serra da Peneda, in Melgaço, to the mouth of the river Minho, in Caminha, the Minho Valley follows the way of this river which over the time has been modeling the customs, traditions and the way of life of the population. This sub-region of MInho has a very diverse natural heritage, for instance the Serra D'Arga or the Protected Area of Corno do Bico, the beaches in Caminha or the hydrotherapy in Monção and Melgaço.
  • Speaking of the Minho Valley is also talk about the gastronomy and Alvarinho wine. The Minho river lamprey, the green soup and the roast kid are some of the traditional dishes of this region. Alvarinho is a wine that distinguishes itself from the other wines by its balance, with its light and fresh palate. It is one of the world's finest wines. Tradition and modernity combined in the production of this wine can give you moments of pleasure in modern, secular or family vineyards and farms, where the hospitality of our people will enchant you.
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Address:Rua Portas do Sol, Monção

Telephone: 251 654 924
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Email: imobiliaria@calvolima.com

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